40 hrs for good

The background

For about 20 years now I've been happily employed doing what I love, designing communication materials for people and organizations doing something positive for society. I left advertising and working with big brands behind to focus on work that was meaningful to me and it has paid off. I'm lucky to be working with great friends and colleagues who have the same desire to innovate and create.

The motivation

Professionals are regularly approached to give back in one of three ways:

• Donate money
• Become a mentor, or
• Take on a pro-bono client

So here's the thing:

• Some of us are not in a position to make large financial donations
• Some of us are too busy for the commitment of being a mentor
• Some of our companies are not a large enough to have the resources for long-term pro-bono clients.

So for me, I know I can at least carve out 40 hours in a year to doing exactly what I do best and give back in that way. That's 1 week out of the 52 I've got. I can do that. I bet you can too.

The opportunity

There are great folks out there doing amazing things and it's so satisfying to help boost their initiatives forward. So I'm reaching out to find that perfect fit again this year.

Tell me what you're doing. If we're a good fit, I'll give you 40 free hours of my time. We can do A LOT in 40 hours. Do you need a logo, brochures, report, presentation, social media set up? Let's talk! We'll figure out how to use the 40 hours wisely and we'll go from there. We can spread the hours over a year, we can use them all at once for an immediate project, we'll decide what's best.

Email me a brief paragraph about what you need and a link to your organization. If we're a good fit, I'll give you 40 free hours of my time. I only pick one cause per year.

Who should apply?

If you're doing work for the greater good, I want to work with you. This could be in the areas of, but not limited to: health care, research, non-profits, think tanks, science, disability, children, mental health, culture, arts, medicine, LGBTQ, seniors, social services, education, human rights, peace keeping, poverty and social justice.... you get the idea.

Deadline to apply is February 14, 2018. Yup Valentines Day. Spread the love.

I encourage all my professional friends to do the same. You can give 40 hours of your time to further a good cause. I know you can.


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